To UFT – Please endorse John Liu for mayor of NYC

Dear Michael Mulgrew,

I am writing to strongly urge the UFT to endorse John Liu for mayor of New York City.

I heard Liu address education issues at two different mayoral forums: one at the Brooklyn UFT office, and last night at a forum on education for parents.

Having a son in a New York City public school, John Liu sees firsthand the struggles and burdens of our city’s teachers. Unlike the current administration, he does not believe in high-stakes testing and he feels that we should be “running schools, not marketing firms.” In addition, John Liu is in the unique position of having audited the Department of Education as Comptroller of New York City. He’s identified the areas of wasteful spending, and he will reduce the Department’s pet projects which enrich outside consultants, not students.

John Liu comes across as authentic and genuine and he trusts teachers to teach. I truly believe that as mayor he will engage with teachers in an open dialogue to brainstorm real education reform for New York City schools.

Kind regards,
Katie Lapham
NYC public school teacher