Make Them Stop, Make Them Go Away, Leave the Children Alone!

Diane Ravitch calls the NYC Performance Tasks “techno-trash.”

Diane Ravitch's blog

A teacher-blogger in New York City sent me this post.

I have a grandson who just started second grade.

I look at this techno-trash and pray that his teachers are not required to pay attention to it.

If this is the kind of “work” that comes out of Tweed (the headquarters of New York City’s “Department of Education”), I have advice for the next Mayor:

Clean out the whole bunch of people who make up these charts, graphs, instructions, mumbo-jumbo statistical nonsense.

Clearly, none of them has ever been a teacher of first grade.

Probably, none of them has ever had a child.

Maybe, none of them ever was a child.

They see children as data.

They see teaching and learning as a statistical exercise.

They value metrics, not children.

Please, Mr. Mayor, send them all packing.

Let them go back to the corporate world where they belong.

Keep them…

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