Corporate America Might Need Common Core, But Our “Outputs” Don’t

Teachers' Letters to Bill Gates

“Kill poverty not human beings.  Stop putting the value of money over the value of lives.” – Mahatma Gandhi

December 8, 2013

Dear Allan Golston,

This is in response to your editorial America’s Businesses Need the Common Core, which was posted on Impatient Optimists, the Gates Foundation’s blog, on November 26, 2013.

You wrote,

“Last week in New York City, a group of business leaders who have long been involved in education took the important step of making a real commitment to ensure this country benefits from the promise of the Common Core State Standards…”


“I am pleased to see the excitement in the business community for the common core.  Businesses are the primary consumers of the output of our schools, so it’s a natural alliance.”

It is so disturbing to me that you refer to students, human beings, as outputs.  Did the Gates Foundation public…

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One thought on “Corporate America Might Need Common Core, But Our “Outputs” Don’t

  1. This piece speaks volumes as to what public school teachers face at many of these “town meetings” staged by those entrenched in “corporate ed reform”. I had a very similar experience to what Katie describes when I attended a meeting last year at Brooklyn Tech where there was supposed to be dialogue in regards to public school closings in Brooklyn neighborhoods. I arrived with two friends who are career public school teachers in Brooklyn. We saw about 6 buses lined up outside of Brooklyn Tech. Parents and their children poured out of these buses wearing orange t shirts with a logo about pro charters. They were bused in from the Bronx – not exactly close to this neighborhood! Who bused them in (ironic as this is rhetorical really). Meanwhile many public school teachers from Brooklyn as well as students and parents decided to protest the fact that the event was “staged” and refused to enter the auditorium. I, along with my friends and some other Brooklyn public school teachers and parents who wanted to experience the “event” first-hand did enter the auditorium. The left side of the stage was a sea of orange t shirts worn by charter school teachers, parents and students from the Bronx. On the other side, we public school teachers sat. A few very large commandeering looking men wandered up and down curiously only on “our side” of the auditorium. The questions were very staged and our side got VERY LITTLE AIR TIME. Reading Katie’s experience brought back this deja vu moment. It is time for a real dialogue to happen. These canned events only become more and more transparent. Too bad Michelle Rhee is such a coward and backed down from the debate she was supposed to have with Diane Ravitch! The truth is becoming very transparent thankfully.

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