End of a crushing school year

It is a relief to put this school year behind me. I felt more like a tester and paper-pusher than a teacher. However, I did get the opportunity to work with some dynamic kids.


During my subway commute this morning, I read the following in a book called Gandhi Speaks: The Mahatma’s Words for Children (Penguin Books India, 2009):

“Teachers should have a very close relationship with their students, and touch the hearts of their pupils…Gandhi viewed teachers as trustees of the minds of pupils, helping them build character, not just imparting dry facts.” (pg. 14).

I’d like to think that by celebrating my students’ talents, they now feel more inspired. I hope they left school today feeling more confident and motivated to find meaning in their lives.

My students touched my heart, and the joy and amusement I felt in their presence countered my testing and data fatigue.



One thought on “End of a crushing school year

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